AI is Going Mainstream! What Does that mean for us?

AI is Going Mainstream! What Does that mean for us?

Most people still believe that the internet is a good thing. It makes our lives easier and it is rapidly evolving all the time to become even more useful and self-sufficient. Enter Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short. This is machine intelligence, which is an application of cognitive functions. This allows the computers or machines to become aware of their surroundings and make decisions to maximize its potential for successfully achieving its goals.

While this technology has been an exclusive and high-end commodity for years, it has now entered the mainstream arena in a big way. It is popping up in everyday mainstream technologies, which of course includes new CRM integrations.

AI in CRM is used to automate several of the software’s functions and elevate its potential. It is becoming increasingly more popular with companies like Salesforce adding Einstein Bots, up and coming startup CRMs like Spiro Technologies focusing heavily on AI and other technology companies like Microsoft and Amazon investing in a new AI voice recognition company. The fact of the matter is that AI is the biggest newest trend in CRM and it is the way forward to elevate your platform and stand out among your competitors.

AI has become such a polarizing issue that many government bodies are taking action. Recently there was an AI summit at the White House with executives from 40 U.S. companies. The subject wasn’t so much about whether AI is good or bad because it is inevitable that people will use it for both. But instead, they discussed how to maximize the good and minimize the bad and whether there needed to be a few government regulations put in place.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on AI entering the mainstream?

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