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Watch as your business goals become a reality with an assist from proven CRM and powerful Marketing Automation.  Imagine this—a top customer calls unexpectedly, but you don’t sweat it. In an instant, you are prepared with a comprehensive view of all their interactions with your company, no matter where you are. With all this valuable information, you personalize conversations and build trust, because you know things like which products they have, when their contracts are expiring, the last time you spoke, even down to their birthday and kids’ names. You nailed it! All your customers think they’re your best and most valued. 

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Our CRM Implementation Methodology

MasterSolve encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the implementation and maintenance of customer relationship management systems. The different areas of implementation will vary depending on the CRM and number of employees.


Interview business stakeholders, and users.  Document business requirements, and prioritize based on business value, complexity, and risk.


Configure users, teams, roles and security, and implement the appropriate data model to reflect the organization's key business relationships.

Design and Develop

Create custom fields, objects, business processes, reports, and dashboards.  Build any custom applications, as required.   All functionality goes through user acceptance testing prior to Go Live.

Data Migration and Integration

We establish rules for data management and set up ongoing integration between other systems that require customer data. This will ensure that information does not need to be entered in multiple places.


We train your administrators, and end-users to ensure that you are set up for success.  Following go-live, we offer flexible support options so that you are never left on your own.