4 User Adoption Tips For A Successful CRM

User adoption is an essential element when it comes to any new software, equipment, or in fact anything new that you want your employees to use. If there is no user adoption that means the new resource is not being used making it a complete waste of money.

When purchasing new software or a new system that is intended to change the way your staff works for the better, one of the most important things to consider is user adoption. This goes beyond sending out a mass memo demanding that all of your employees start using the new system.


Adopt Technology

People learn at different levels, they adopt technology at different paces and several software systems are notoriously complex. Also, if your employees do not understand how the software will help them do their jobs better then they will not adopt it.

In our previous blogs, we discussed the benefits of training after you have deployed a new CRM integration.

But beyond just training here are a few User Adoption tips


Pre-Purchase Opinions

Before you even purchase new software, it is important to involve the people who will actually be using it in the buying process. Make sure that you get the opinions of the people who will be using the software daily. Invite them to demos and vendor evaluations, that way you will drum up excitement before you even make the purchase.

The daily users can see before you make the purchase of how they can work with this resource and how it can make their work easier. They will also be able to ask any questions they want beforehand if they are confused or need to know how the new system will integrate with the one they are already using.



Your daily users are looking for a solution that fits their specific and unique needs. They want something that is tailored and can be used across all of their devices. One employee’s needs may be different than those of another, especially if they are in different departments. So, make sure that you get a CRM that is customizable to the daily users’ wants.



Make sure your new CRM system easily and seamlessly integrates into your current processes and systems. Most people don’t like change so to minimize pushback you will want a CRM system that integrates with the programs that your daily users are currently working with, for example, Microsoft Office Suite, Gmail, and many more.

Your daily users can be comfortable knowing that the applications they were already working with will be incorporated into the new CRM system.


Start Simple

A complex CRM that no one can use is of no use to anyone, but a simple easy to use CRM is much more beneficial to your daily usage. Instead, focus on the essentials that your daily users need to move through the business process quickly and efficiently. Once this is mastered feel free to keep adding on new features to enhance your process.


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