If you didn’t have the chance to attend Salesforce’s Dreamforce to you 2020, you missed a hilarious opening from James Corden, inspiring stories of businesses and public sector organizations that overcame the impacts of COVID-19, and awesome musical guests. This blog will summarize the key points made by Salesforce and their partners during this year’s Keynote.

Salesforce helps organizations with digital transformation

One thing was made clear at Wednesday’s keynote: if your organization is not taking active steps towards a digital transformation, you will fall behind. This has always been true. But this year, quickly transforming your business into one that can function digitally—whether B2B or B2C—could be the difference between the success or failure of your business.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers quickly expected increasingly digitized and personalized ways to connect with businesses. They now expect their favourite restaurants, shops, and even car manufacturers to provide an Amazon-like experience.

And of course, Salesforce showed us that there is a path to providing these types of experiences. With a “single source of truth,” or more simply put, a single place where you can view all important data about a single customer, you are better able to serve them, connect with them, and provide them with an exceptional experience. Each guest speaker (the State of Rhode Island, Bentley Motors, and AT&T) shared how they utilized Salesforce products during the pandemic to digitally transform their organizations and gain a single source of truth for each of their customers. In all of their cases, using Salesforce empowered their employees to connect better, sell and service better, and in some cases, even save lives.

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    Salesforce acquisitions and new product releases

    Salesforce also shared some exciting updates regarding their platforms. The recent acquisition of Slack, added to their Customer 360 platform, will enable teams to sell, service, and market from anywhere. Their release of new features like Einstein Call Coaching, which uses AI to coach reps and help share best practices, will enable teams to connect with customers more intelligently. And, their announcement of Hyperforce, which will deliver Salesforce on a public cloud infrastructure—all over the world, will enable organizations to obtain that single source of truth for every customer that is so important.

    What to expect for the rest of Dreamforce 2020

    Dreamforce 2020 is far from over. From December 14-17, Salesforce will be hosting over 300 educational sessions, focused on a variety of topics, from sales to service to marketing to product updates. Although a schedule has not been released yet, we hope to see one come through next week. Plus, if you are a current Salesforce partner, you can connect with your Account Executive to set up your personalized Dreamforce experience (think: 1:1 demo sessions + specific guidance for your organization). Click here for Dreamforce 2020 FAQs.

    Finally, we wanted to remind everyone about Salesforce’s 1 Trillion Tree Movement. For every person who completes the new Salesforce Trailmix, Salesforce will plant one tree (up to 100,000 trees).

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