Meet SugarCRM's new relationship intelligence service Hint!

SugarCRM Hint accelerates call preparation time by providing you with all the customer contact and social network information you need with just a name and an email. However, SugarCRM Hint helps you spend less time on research and maintenance so that you can spend more time getting to know your customer.

With just a name and an email…

In addition, SugarCRM Hint automatically searches, tunes, and inputs helpful personal and corporate profile details about your prospect. But the results appear in seconds. A click of a button brings the information you want to be included in the contact record directly into your SugarCRM integration. It’s that simple!

Here are 4 reasons we think SugarCRM Hint Matters!

  1.  Customer Experience – Eliminate awkward introductions and connect right from the first outreach. Engage more customers by providing actionable intelligence to all customer-facing employees.
  2. Conversion Rates – Add intelligence to every stage of your sales, customer service, and marketing workflows and boost lead acquisition to opportunity close rates.
  3. Productivity  Eliminate time-consuming web research and manual data entry and get back more time to connect with and service customers.
  4. Better CRM Adoption  Make SugarCRM the go-to customer data platform for your sales teams by providing reps a superior user experience with a tool they’ll actually want to use.
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