The biggest takeaway from SugarCRM’s Sales Kick off  was the release of the CRM and Sales Impact Report. Unfortunately, the report results are not that surprising: organizations are not using their CRM systems effectively, and stressors like the pandemic are making things worse.

In the report, Sugar polled Global Sales Leaders’ opinions to see how they feel about their CRM’s value. Sales leaders expressed that they have not seen their vision manifested in their current CRM. In fact, a large majority said their CRM might even be costing them money.

Why has this happened, and what can be done?​

When I was growing up, I had the chore of tending the family garden, and that garden went through a wide range of stages and care. When I was paying attention to it and caring for it, we had a beautiful plot with various plants and veggies that produced a lot of extra food.  However, after a few years, I became mildly distracted by other “youthful priorities” namely the unrequited love of my 9th-grade crush Colleen. The garden became overgrown, and the fruit and veggie yield ultimately suffered.

This situation is similar to what many organizations face right now; without frequent checkpoints with your team on the CRM’s usefulness, your organization’s goals will not be represented. You end up in a situation where you are paying for an outdated database that is most likely full of flawed or erroneous information.

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    Here are three tips to increase user adoption in your CX or CRM environment:

    1. Provide functional CRM or CX information to executives in your organization: find out the most critical business drivers for the leaders in your organization and build them a dashboard or a report with that information as soon as possible.
    2. Avoid Imposter CRM Administrators: In most cases, your CRM admin is not an expert at CRM, but they are not trying to trick you. They are simply employees trying to do their best by learning CRM or CX best practices in a job they were most likely “volun-told” to do.
    3. If you have issues with suggestions 1 & 2, call or message MasterSolve and ask about our S.M.A.R.T managed services offering, we have dedicated resources that can run your CRM and make sure it is doing what you need.

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