What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation reduces the number of repetitive tasks that a marketer must carry out on the daily. Some of these tasks include submitting social media posts on multiple platforms or even sending out email blasts to leads. These activities are time-consuming, and marketers may have other priorities than just solely completing these tedious tasks.

But most importantly, software like Pardot or Sugar Market aims to better the customer journey by fostering and nurturing leads at an early stage until they become loyal buyers. A marketing automation integration helps break through traditional marketing procedures and reaches out to grow relationships with customers on a more personal level. Each customer has a different digital footprint, and by identifying and responding to their unique needs will help your brand stand out from your competitors.

Introduction to Marketing Automation

For those of you who are not familiar with marketing automation, it can seem like an overwhelming thing. So, I just want to break it down a little bit so we can see if we can understand exactly what marketing automation is, then you can decide if it’s right for your business.

As marketers, we juggle lots of different tasks planning messaging events website social media lead generation reporting the list could go on and on. that’s a lot of activities and without the proper tools and processes to support your efforts you’re bound to let something slip.

Help Marketers

Marketing automation is designed to help marketers do more in less time with better results. It manages all the leads and campaigns in one place it automates and tracks previously manual processes for email website interactions and events. It will even prioritize leads and create tasks in the CRM for your salespeople to follow up with.

It helps you measure everything so you can easily see what’s working and how marketing is contributing to your organization’s bottom line. so now that you know what marketing automation is, is it right for your business?

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    Working with MasterSolve and our clients and prospects I hear firsthand the challenges that marketers are facing. I’m gonna take a moment to discuss some of these challenges and if one or more of these hit home to you, you might want to consider looking at marketing automation to solve these problems.

    Some of our customers have really long sales cycles and they find it difficult to stay top of mind with their prospects and customers. Others have found it challenging even to follow up with their prospects who request information from their own website or attend an event that they may have hosted. Then there are also spreadsheets if you find that you’re spending more time in spreadsheets than your accountant then there’s probably a problem.

    Leads and Sales

    Campaigns, leads, and reporting by spreadsheets this just doesn’t scale and it leaves way too much room for manual error. you may have experienced this where your sales team is asking for more leads or maybe better all five leads. Or on the other side of the experience as a marketer, you might even be really frustrated that the leads you’ve worked so hard on to generate seem to fall into a black hole once they’ve been passed on to sales.

    However, that being said the challenge I hear the most is that individuals and marketing are having a hard time keeping up with all that’s being asked of them. Planning messaging events, website updates, lead generation, social media, and reporting.


    Marketing automation helps your organization make the most of your time and limited resources. It helps your company generate more qualified leads and helps engage with your prospects and customers, track campaign performance, and analyze your results all in one place.

    But, you can make marketing automation as easy or as complex as needed to fit your business needs So don’t be overwhelmed there are lots of tools and resources out there to help you get started or, you could contact MasterSolve and one of our client success team would be happy to help you figure out the right solution.

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    At MasterSolve, we love Marketing Automation software mainly because of its seamless integration with CRM systems. Information is easily transferred between the two platforms, and there is no need to re-enter all of the data again. The contact’s engagements with the brand are captured by the Marketing Automation system and are automatically sent to the CRM. Even the performance by leads on the lead scoresheet is transferred to the CRM for the sales team to seize the perfect time to target them.

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