CRM Training

When you train employees to develop their skills, you increase the likelihood of retention, the productivity of their labor and their overall value to your company.

CRM training classes increase users’ awareness of features, functions and usability in order to increase their confidence in working with the system and provide greater efficiencies. A CRM training class aids in user adoption, which improves CRM usability and acceptance.

Consider educating users in the following areas: Navigation and Views, System Administrator, Query Training, Dashboards and Reports, and Integration. This is a very basic starting point and continual on-going education of the product is essential to your CRM project’s success.

Each user needs to learn about the main areas of the application, how to add, edit and remove CRM data. Every user needs to know the process of adding a company, contact and other CRM items. Learn how to use dashboards and create reports to run information from marketing campaigns, customer service issues, and management reports. In training, you can learn how to add appointments and contacts so that the whole company is aware of what is happening with each prospect or customer.