Sitelock, LLC is the only web-based web security solution on the market to offer complete, cloud-based web protection. They are Global Leaders in website security solutions and protect over 12 million websites worldwide. Their 360-degree monitoring is able to find and fix threats, prevent future attacks and accelerate website performance while meeting PCI compliance standards for businesses of all sizes.


 Sitelock had been using a very limited CRM platform. It did not allow them to do everything they wanted to do—it wasn’t future proof, it had bad usability, and it couldn’t integrate with the tools they used internally. Their CRM users had to jump back and forth between multiple systems to complete their work. SiteLock knew they needed to find a better CRM solution. 

When Sitelock began their journey to find and migrate to a new CRM platform, their main goal was to have one central system in which they could store their data with better usability and automated telephony. 

Sitelock selected MasterSolve as their CRM implementation, migration, and integration partner. 

MasterSolve successfully migrated SiteLock from their existing CRM platform to SugarCRM, which included migrating over 300 users, 7 million accounts/contacts, and 14 million subscribers. The MasterSolve team was also there to help when SiteLock had double entry issues due to a lack of data visibility from their prior systems. 

MasterSolve helped integrate the SugarCRM platform with SiteLock’s existing ERP system, to provide built-in business logic. Throughout the entire CRM implementation process, MasterSolve provided project management services. 

To ensure the SiteLock team would effectively utilize their new software, MasterSolve provided end-users and admins with business analytics and training. 

With the help of MasterSolve, Sitelock was able to seamlessly create one central, user-friendly CRM system for storing data and automating telephony. 

“Migrating our data correctly and securely was vital to the success of our project and MasterSolve was there every step of the way. It was not hard to see, the folks at MasterSolve truly cared about making our project successful. Through each hurdle we faced, the entire team at MasterSolve was poised for action and involved.”

— Marciano Ballestero,
SugarCRM Administrator & Developer, SiteLock.

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