What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is the best container-orchestration system

Kubernetes helps you group the containers that make up your applications into logical units for easy management and discovery.

With Kubernetes, your team can deliver applications consistently and easily—no matter how complex your needs are.

What do you get with Kubernetes?

Kubernetes key features

Automated rollouts and rollbacks

Kubernetes progressively rolls out changes to your application or its configuration, while monitoring application health to ensure it doesn’t kill all your instances at the same time. If something goes wrong, Kubernetes will roll back the change for you.

Run Kubernetes anywhere

Kubernetes is open source giving you the freedom to take advantage of on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud infrastructure, letting you effortlessly move workloads to where it matters to you.

Storage orchestration

Automatically mount the storage system of your choice, whether from local storage, a public cloud provider such as GCP or AWS, or a network storage system such as NFS, iSCSI, Gluster, Ceph, Cinder, or Flocker.

Never outgrow

Whether testing locally or running a global enterprise, Kubernetes flexibility grows with you to deliver your applications consistently and easily no matter how complex your need is.

Scale with ease

Designed on the same principles that allow Google to run billions of containers a week, Kubernetes can scale without increasing your ops team.

Cloud-native security for your clusters

The cloud-native way, including containers, provides great security benefits for its users: immutability, modularity, faster upgrades, and consistent state across the environment.

Why power your Kubernetes cloud platform with MasterSolve?

We are a certified Kubernetes service provider

We are a trusted and vetted Kubernetes partner. To become a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, our team had to pass multiple certification exams and demonstrate our deep expertise in helping enterprises successfully adopt Kubernetes.

We offer secure Kubernetes support, consulting, professional services, and training. Our engineers work directly with your team to ensure you get the most out of your Kubernetes investment.

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