We design Customer, Partner, Employee & Community Portals that work with your CRM

Self-service portals streamline communication, transparency, empowerment, and friction-less engagement with customers or third-party partners. We design and implement portal solutions that increase operational efficiency and user experience.

Connect with your Customers, Partners and Employees in a whole new way!

Are you ready to re-imagine your CRM?

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What CRM Vu are you looking for?

We can create a self-service portal to:

  • allow your customers to communicate among themselves and with your team of experts
  • identify and reward your key influencers
  • expose help or marketing content  such as articles, blogs, videos, and podcasts
  • log and track requests
  • update details
  • receive/view/pay invoices
  • subscribe to newsletters and educational content

If you're building a new intranet from scratch or migrating from another tool, we can create an environment for your employees to connect, engage and collaborate to become a more proactive organization and transform your workplace. Design a platform where employees have access to all they need for their day-to-day job.

CRM Vu for Partners

For your third-party partners such as franchisees, providers, distributors, and suppliers, a communities tool will help expose information to create an integrated experience. Drive seamless collaboration on deals, putting key people in contact, access critical information, automate reports and dashboards. We can expose other tools used internally that could help your partners have better visibility, such as invoices, leads, campaigns or documents.