Managed Services

What is MasterPlan?

Ongoing support services for CRMs & other business technologies

You invest heavily in your business technologies. The last thing you want to face is downtime due to complications and poorly integrated systems or processes. That’s why we built MasterPlan—a DevSecOps service to implement, maintain, and optimize your containerized and cloud applications.

The key benefits of MasterPlan

  • Excellent service for a fixed monthly fee, giving you access to a team of CRM specialists who will handle your various CRM needs
  • Our team will essentially function as your CRM administrator if you don’t currently have one, or we will directly assist your existing CRM administrator—giving them more flexibility and bandwidth
  • Unlimited support cases each month for any in-scope items*
  • Our team will keep your applications running smoothly. That way, your team can stay focused on critical projects and deliver ongoing business value to your organization.

*Click here for a full list of in-scope and out-of-scope items.

Why does my organization need MasterPlan?

The benefits of MasterPlan


  • User adoption & productivity
  • Increased system ROI
  • Better customer relations & communications
  • Increased workflow efficiency
  • Enhanced customer
  • Data analysis
  • Optimized marketing strategies
  • Predictable monthly costs
  • Access to expert-level support
  • Integration with business processes and KPIs
  • Unlimited support cases

Risk you will avoid

  • Implementation project failures
  • Large upfront capital investments
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Lack of skilled experts
  • Undefined specifications
  • Technical risks
  • Inability to scale quickly
  • Unforeseen circumstances
  • Expensive skilled labor costs
  • Regulatory and government compliance risks

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MasterPlan is designed to help you reduce the costs associated with your business technologies. That’s why our pricing is simple.

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