SugarConnection Boston 2019 Recap

Every year SugarCRM hosts SugarConnection exclusively for Sugar customers and strategic partners in varying cities across the world. This event offers a unique opportunity to learn how to deploy Sugar’s rapidly-growing suite of customer experience solutions to increase revenue, deliver superior customer care and maximize loyalty.

This year MasterSolve sponsored and attended both the San Francisco and Boston events with tremendous success. Since we just got back from the Boston SugarConnection we wanted to provide you with a quick overview of the action!


Keynote 1: Introducing the New Sugar
Craig Charlton, Chief Executive Officer

New strategy, new brand and new products – CEO Craig Charlton is charting a new future for customer experience, Sugar and your business. We were among the first to see the “New Sugar” in action and discover the myriad of ways in which it is helping businesses like yours create customers for life.

Keynote 2: The New Sugar: What it Means for You
Chris Pennington, Chief Customer Officer

The world’s first intelligent, no-touch customer experience platform provides the solutions you need to earn customer loyalty and create customers for life. What products are best suited to help you achieve your business goals? We heard from Chief Customer Officer Chris Pennington what the new product portfolio means, what’s available on-premise and in the cloud, how you can easily migrate and what to do next.

Keynote 3: Cultivating Customers for Life: Your Product Roadmap
Rich Green, Chief Technical Officer & Chief People Officer, SugarCRM

Lifelong customers are created by consistently exceeding expectations across the customer journey. We joined Chief Technical Officer and Chief People Officer, Rich Green, for an in-depth review of the new Sugar products and capabilities that help you deliver predictive insights, empower your frontline employees with real-time actionable intelligence and anticipate and fulfill the needs of your customers – even before they realize they have them. General Manager of Analytics, Richard Daley, joined Rich to give a sneak-peek at our newest solutions that will enable you to discover more about your customers and amplify business intelligence to new levels.

Guest Speaker

UnSelling: The New Customer Experience
Scott Stratten (

If you felt you were getting close to mastering the customer experience think again. Scott Stratten challenged everything we knew about selling in the age of empowered customers — in the best way possible. Based on 800-CEO READ’s Sales Book Of The Year, Stratten’s “UnSelling” methods prepared us to anticipate and fulfill needs… long before customers even realize they have them.

In his highly energetic and engaging talk, we learned what it takes to create repeat customers instead of one-time buyers — and how to create loyal advocates instead of faceless numbers.

Stratten introduced us to a whole new method for cultivating customers for life — one that will completely change the way we sell, for the better.

Product Overviews

Sugar Market Overview
Logan Henderson, General Manager of Marketing Automation, SugarCRM

Part of creating customers for life is attracting, engaging and converting the right type of prospects at the top of the funnel. Sugar Market (formerly Salesfusion), is designed to transform how marketing teams engage audiences and measure success through the buyer journey. This session provided a deep overview of Sugar Market, best practices on the optimal way to use marketing automation and streamline sales and marketing processes and how the solution is being used by SugarCRM customers to drive growth

Sugar Sell Overview
Zac Sprackett, SVP, Product Management, SugarCRM

The world’s most successful sales organizations share at least one thing in common: the tools, systems and processes to drive extraordinary buying experiences for their customers. The new Sugar Sell is designed to help the entire organization drive revenue, reduce sales costs and increase collaboration. In this session, Zac Sprackett gave an overview of Sugar Sell, its key features, and what makes it different from other competing solutions. Learn how Sugar Sell can help organizations accelerate collaboration, sales efficiency and pipeline velocity.

Sugar Serve Overview
Deepak Deolalikar, Senior Director of Product Management, SugarCRM

Part of building a great customer experience is providing exceptional customer support. The new Sugar Serve is designed to streamline your support processes while increasing the productivity of support professionals and also empowering your customers with powerful self-service tools. This session provided an informative deep dive into the solution – its core modules, features and capabilities.


SugarConnection Boston & San Francisco 2019 were well-run events filled with great people ready to learn. This latest Boston event had the MasterSolve team leaving the Babson Executive Centre ready to put into practice all that knowledge we obtained. We hope you can make it out to one of the future SugarConnection events near you.

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