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Tips for Building a Great Customer Success Team

By Dallin Verdonk | 22 June 2020

There is a trend of buyers seeking out more customer-centric companies to buy from. Consumers want vendors that, hold values similar to their own and proactively solve their problems.

Customer Success Formula – How To Keep Your Customers Coming Back

By D'Andre Davis-Taylor | 24 May 2020 |

The Formula For Customer Success Companies are changing the way they think about their customers. Now, instead of focusing just on customer support, they are looking toward customer success. Instead of addressing your customers reactively, businesses should think more long-term by being proactive. In other words, instead of just answering emails, phone calls, and complaints…

Here Are 5 Reasons To Consider A CRM

By Stephen Lavoie | 21 May 2020

The customer is your world. A good company cares about its customers and strives to not only keep them happy, but satisfied. Their needs should be the central focus of your business. What is a CRM? A customer relationship management tool or CRM is centered around the customer. It stores organize and analyzes customer data…

Get Into The Clouds With SugarCloud!

By Stephen Lavoie | 23 January 2019

Our SugarCRM customers have been floating on cloud 9 but now Sugar is getting into the clouds! SugarCloud is Sugar’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) option. It provides the same data management services with quick easy implementation with consistent maintenance and updates. Fast and Easy CRM Integration Most importantly, SugarCloud provides fast and easy CRM integration. You will…