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Tips for Building a Great Customer Success Team

By Dallin Verdonk | 22 June 2020

There is a trend of buyers seeking out more customer-centric companies to buy from. Consumers want vendors that, hold values similar to their own and proactively solve their problems.

Build an Inbound Marketing Strategy in 24 Hours

By D'Andre Davis-Taylor | 2 June 2020

Do you feel like you’ve done everything right but you still aren’t getting the marketing results you were hoping for? Are you finding it difficult to achieve your marketing goals? Don’t worry, you are not alone. The sentiment is actually quite common with many executives who identify a lack of an effective strategy as the…

The Formula for Customer Success

By D'Andre Davis-Taylor | 24 May 2020 |

Companies are changing the way they think about their customers. Now, instead of focusing just on customer support, they are looking toward customer success. Instead of addressing your customers reactively, businesses should think more long-term by being proactive. In other words, instead of just answering emails, phone calls and complaints you should become your customers’…

SugarCRM Elite Partner Spotlight

By Stephen Lavoie | 28 April 2020

SugarCRM features a program throughout the year called “partner spotlight” where for two weeks one SugarCRM partner is given time to shine. Therefore, the selected SugarCRM Implementation Partner can show off the newest content of their choices. For example, a whitepaper, a case study, a blog post, or an upcoming event. In addition, MasterSolve a…

Working Remotely in Emergency Situations

By D'Andre Davis-Taylor | 22 April 2020

The transition for MasterSolve to shift from an office-based culture to a remote work environment was largely turn-key. In this video, we decided to share 5 ways we were able to make working from home in a pandemic as seamless as possible Digital Communications As an example, at MasterSolve we use Whereby & Zoom to…

SugarCRM 4 Pillars: More Marketing Fluff? or a True Differentiator?

By D'Andre Davis-Taylor | 14 April 2020

Last summer SugarCRM rolled out their 3 pillars. These were to be the core tenets upon which they would build their value proposition and differentiation. Recently the pillars were updated to include a 4th pillar “lifetime commitment to customers”. Due to this, now more than ever is a relevant time to analyze these pillars to…

CRM Adoption Tips To Stay On Course

By Chris Cassity | 5 April 2020

User-adoption is the most vital piece in any new software deployment. Whether it has been a few days, a few weeks, a few months or, a few years since you deployed your CRM system there is still the possibility that it is not driving the best returns. As a result, your CRM is not being…

What is Marketing Automation?

By Stephen Lavoie | 6 February 2020

Marketing automation reduces the number of repetitive tasks that a marketer must carry out on the daily. Some of these tasks include submitting social media posts on multiple platforms or even sending out email blasts to leads. These activities are time-consuming, and marketers may have other priorities than just solely completing these tedious tasks. But…

CRM Pipeline Practices to Improve Sales

By D'Andre Davis-Taylor | 4 February 2020

In recent years, pipelines have come front and center becoming essential tools in the sales process and in many cases serving as the foundation on which a business’s success is built. Pipelines allow you to see exactly where each of your leads are in the pipeline as they move through the sales process. Further to…

Social Media Facts to Guide Your Marketing Strategy

By Melissa Andresen | 28 January 2020

Social media is a behemoth. For many people, it has become an essential part of their everyday lives providing people with everything from news, entertainment, shopping, and much more! Below are some Stats & Facts to Help Guide Your Marketing Strategy. With over 40% of the world’s population now on social media, it is more…