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The Essentials of Inbound Marketing

By Melissa Andresen | 29 May 2020

The landscape of marketing is changing. It’s becoming more essential and customer-centred as marketers increasingly turn to Inbound Marketing. It is cheaper than most traditional marketing methods and marketers report that it is four times more effective. These tactics are also easily deployed through the digital landscape where most customers now prefer to shop. Inbound…

Here Are 5 Reasons To Consider A CRM

By Stephen Lavoie | 21 May 2020

The customer is your world. A good company cares about its customers and strives to not only keep them happy, but satisfied. Their needs should be the central focus of your business. What is a CRM? A customer relationship management tool or CRM is centered around the customer. It stores organize and analyzes customer data…

Social Media Facts to Guide Your Marketing Strategy

By Melissa Andresen | 28 January 2020

Social media is a behemoth. For many people, it has become an essential part of their everyday lives providing people with everything from news, entertainment, shopping, and much more! Below are some Stats & Facts to Help Guide Your Marketing Strategy. With over 40% of the world’s population now on social media, it is more…

Get Into The Clouds With SugarCloud!

By Stephen Lavoie | 23 January 2019

Our SugarCRM customers have been floating on cloud 9 but now Sugar is getting into the clouds! SugarCloud is Sugar’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) option. It provides the same data management services with quick easy implementation with consistent maintenance and updates. Fast and Easy CRM Integration Most importantly, SugarCloud provides fast and easy CRM integration. You will…