Not every CRM is created equal, and it is important that any vendor attempting to sell you something focuses on what you need rather than pushing everything and anything that they want onto you. Every month thousands of organizations renew their CRM licenses. Before you renew yours, you should first consider if your CRM vendor is working for you. You can start by asking yourself these five questions.

1. How often does your CRM vendor communicate with you to renew?

Firstly, your CRM vendor should be attentive helping you to get off to a running start. a good vendor will find out what your goals are and provide guidance so that you may attain them. They should provide resources and advise you of best practices. After you are up and running a good vendor should check back in with you throughout the year to see how things are going.

2. How do you see your CRM vendor? Do you consider them a vendor or a business partner?

Secondly, a vendor will just sell you things, while a business partner will be just that, a partner. They are in it for the long haul and want to see your business grow and succeed. As a result, they will help you to extract every drop of value from your CRM system.

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    3. Has your team adopted your CRM system? Do you have your sales, support, and marketing teams on board? Do they use the system from their mobile devices?

    Thirdly, without adoption, your system will not be nearly as effective. Your vendor should explain the value of adoption rates and cross-department collaboration to you. Furthermore, your vendor should provide some level of training options that will ensure your business gets off to the right start.

    Your CRM vendor should also highlight the mobility benefits of your CRM, which allows users to use it in the office and on the road. This should increase usability. In addition, a good vendor should offer ongoing support to ensure that your users are successfully working within the system.

    4. Since implementing your CRM have you been able to leverage it to increase sales and make your day-to-day tasks more efficient?

    The answer to this question should be YES. If not, your system isn’t being leveraged well, and/or your vendor hasn’t ensured that your business is using your CRM to the best of its ability.

    5. Were there any hidden costs?

    There should be no hidden fees! Your vendor should provide you with all costs before purchase so that there are no surprises on the back end. This helps you to know that your vendor is honest and trustworthy.

    If any of these questions gave you pause it may be time to re-evaluate your options. Think about what you really need and find vendors that offer the core CRM features that matter to you the most. Find a vendor that can provide you with the CRM platform you want, which may include integrations, customizations, add-ons, or even a portal.

    Do your research and make sure that the vendor you choose has an impeccable reputation for customer service. The right vendor can make all the difference in taking your business to the next level!

    Check out our video on Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renewing With Your CRM Vendor!

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