Optimizing CRM for The Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies have specific needs when it comes to selecting and optimizing a CRM solution. Our team understands your unique pain points, and we are well-positioned to help you choose, implement, and optimize your CRM system so you can accomplish the following:

Track & Enhance Product Quality

As a manufacturer, your main job is to efficiently produce high-quality products.

Our team can optimize your CRM so that it automatically identifies the following information for you:

  • Which products sell the quickest
  • Which products deliver the highest ROI
  • Which products often have defects
  • Which products should be discontinued
  • Are there process errors contributing to product defects?

With this information, you can strategically enhance your product offering and quickly address quality issues.

Track Inventory, Orders, and Purchases

Disconnected systems lead to duplicated data, inaccurate inventory information, and communication barriers between internal teams.

Our experts will integrate your inventory management system into your CRM so that you get a 360º view of your inventory, orders, and purchases.

This will help you:

  • Use batch and serial numbers to track raw materials and finished goods accurately
  • Automatically push inventory data into your CRM in real-time to avoid duplicate content
  • Track order due dates and customer information to ensure on-time deliveries
  • Sync demand data with inventory information to avoid future problems with excess inventory

Manage Your Supply Chain and Distribution Channels

Manufacturers deal with overly complex supply chains and distribution channels. You need the right tools, processes, and information to more easily manage relationships with your suppliers and distributors.

Our team will optimize your processes and CRM workflows so that you can:

  • Quickly educate and onboard new distributors and dealers
  • Promptly address distributor inquiries, questions, and complaints
  • Automate processes for better collaboration among your supply chain partners
  • Send and manage quotes and contracts
  • Collaborate with your dealers and distributors in one secure, centralized system

Forecast Product Demand

As a manufacturer, you must predict demand and create production plans to meet demand. That’s not easy.

Luckily, our manufacturing CRM experts can optimize your CRM to do all of this for you.

With an optimized CRM, you be able to determine:

  • The buying patterns of each of your customers
  • What times of the year demand will be the highest, and when it will slow down
  • Year-over-year sales increases or decreases
  • Common bottlenecks in your production pipeline and how they impact your ability to meet demand

Armed with this information, you will be able to make production planning decisions like:

  • What types and quantities of raw materials you need to meet demand
  • How to adjust personnel levels to meet demand
  • What equipment upgrades or new equipment purchases you may need to make to meet demands
  • Budgetary resources required to meet demand

Improve Customer Experience With A 360º View of Your Customers

Nothing kills customer satisfaction like an unstructured, ill-informed customer experience.

We will optimize your CRM so that when a customer requests help, your representatives will find, on a single screen:

  • All of their historical orders, when those orders were submitted, and how much they spent on each order
  • Review every interaction that a customer has had with your organization—from in-person meetings to chat to phone to email
  • A knowledge-base that includes information on warranties, refund policies, product recalls, and so much more

With this information, service reps become more productive, meaning they can service more customers more effectively.

Improve The Hand-Off Between Marketing and Sales

You use a variety of disconnected channels to market and sell your products which makes it difficult to connect your marketing and sales processes. The cost of a disconnected hand-off from marketing to sales is lost deals and lower revenue.

Don’t fret—our team will optimize your CRM to ensure:

  • No leads get lost during the transfer from marketing to sales
  • Sales reps know which leads are most likely to close
  • Sales reps know which leads are interested in which products
  • Marketing and sales team members will save valuable time because there will be no need for manual data entry
  • Your conversions rates will improve, and you will close more deals

Create Manufacturing-Specific Sales Processes

As a manufacturer, you have unique sales processes that require a unique CRM setup.

After MasterSolve optimizes your CRM for manufacturing, you will have:

  • Distinct sales workflows and pipelines set up for each of your buyer types, allowing your reps to interact differently with distributors, dealers, retailers, and end-consumers
  • A product catalog so that sales reps can quickly search for product details like pricing, product descriptions, product images, and product discounts to identify the products that best meet their prospects’ needs
  • Dashboards about historical sales data to understand peak times and downtimes for each customer, which they can use for more informed cross-selling, up-selling, and retargeting opportunities

Deliver Intelligent Field Service

Minimizing machine downtime is critical to improving productivity and decreasing costs and inefficiencies. That’s why integrating your field service management (FSM) tool into your CRM is critical.

After MasterSolve integrates your FSM tool into your CRM, you will be able to:

  • Create work orders in real-time and, based on the skills required and the schedule of each job, select the best-suited field technician
  • Provide valuable information to your field service technicians, including information about spare parts, consumables inventories, machine assets inventories, product usage, and warranty information
  • Automatically produce billing information–removing this burden from the technician and improving billing speed and accuracy

Integrate All of Your Systems

Manufacturers rely on a robust line-up of business systems to manage their workflows. Your ERP, MRP, FSM system, e-commerce platforms, and financial applications should all be connected. When all of these systems run independently, gaps are created in your processes, and information is lost.

We help organizations integrate all of their systems and applications into one central area in their CRM.

When employees have access to the data from all of these systems without jumping around to multiple systems, they are more productive. In addition, when you have all of this information in one place, you can make more strategic business decisions.

Success Stories From Our Manufacturing Clients

We have a proven history of helping manufacturing companies optimize their CRM systems. But don’t just take it from us, see what some of our manufacturing clients have to say.


GN Thermoforming Equipment

GN Thermoforming Equipment is a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic packaging and they use Sugar Sell to manage their business. After working with Mastersolve, GN was given the tools to input all customer feedback and technical inquiries in one place. This standardized processes and removed inefficiencies, saving GN time and money.

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Elliott Matsuura

Elliott Matsuura Canada Inc. is a manufacturing company that uses Sugar Sell and Sage 300 to supply their customers with machine tools for metal cutting and fabrication. MasterSolve tailored Elliott Matsuura’s CRM system to provide them with robust reports on activities and visits and optimize their system to help sales reps save time on data entry.

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Optimize your CRM for the manufacturing industry.​