Transportation & Logistics

Optimize Your CRM for the Transportation & Logistics Industry

Transportation & logistics companies have specific needs when it comes to selecting and optimizing a CRM solution. Your organization should be focused on implementing lean processes in your CRM to drive efficiencies across your organization. 

Our team understands your unique pain points, and we are well-positioned to help you choose, implement, and optimize your CRM system so you can accomplish the following:

Optimize Logistics Management & Improve Shipment Safety

One of the greatest challenges that transportation and logistics companies face is delivering goods on time and with 100% safety.  The great news is that a well-optimized CRM system can help you accomplish this and keep you informed when it’s not possible.

We will set up your CRM so you can:

  • Create optimal shipment routes based on data points
  • View real-time information about shipment statuses, such as the location of cargo, estimated time of arrival, and shipment value estimation
  • Keep customers informed of any issues in the supply chain that might cause delays and understand request fulfillment statuses

Provide Positive Customer Experiences

Creating loyal customers is all about offering a consistently positive customer experience. This is only possible when your CRM has been optimized. 

We will set up your CRM so you can:

  • Offer personalized purchase and service experiences
  • Identify customers that are at risk for renewing 
  • Automatically route customer requests or issues to the correct representative
  • Always keep your customers informed on supply chain issues that may impact their business

Automate Transportation & Logistics Workflows

Workflow automation is one of the most important benefits of CRM. With automations in place, your employees will spend less time on busy work and will have more time for the activities that drive business growth. 

We will set up your CRM so you can automatically:

  • Process requests and assigning them to representatives based on pre-determined criteria
  • Send personalized customer communications
  • Create quotes and proposals
  • Complete a variety of manual tasks

Accurately Forecast Demand

Accurately forecasting demand improves strategic decision-making when it comes to allocating budget and resources, increasing your fleet, and more. But, this can be especially tricky for transportation companies whose demand depends largely on external factors.

We will set up reports and dashboards that will help you leverage historical sales and transportation data to make predictions about the future. 

Improve Collaboration Across Departments

Your organization manages multiples employees, across various departments and locations–all with different CRM needs and access levels. From contact information to transaction history to cargo status, and more–we’ll optimize your CRM system so that employees can collaborate across departments and work together in one single platform. 

Plus, our team will can you set up field-level permissions so that each team member only has access to the information they need.

Effortlessly Manage Your Supply Chain

You deal with overly complex supply chains. You need the right tools, processes, and information to more easily manage inbound and outbound relationships.

Our team will optimize your processes and CRM workflows so that you can:

  • Keep track of goods across the entire supply chain
  • Improve seller and customer order management
  • Promptly address customer inquiries, questions, and complaints
  • Improve collaboration among your supply chain partners
  • Send and manage quotes and contracts

Drive Sales & Marketing Efficiency

Your sales and marketing teams need a CRM that enables them send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. 

We will set up your CRM so you can:

  • Use historical data to identify the best channels to reach your prospects
  • Create a seamless hand-off between marketing and sales
  • Provide your sales reps with the information they need to close deals–including a 360º view of each prospect

Your leads will move through the buying process and receive personalized, relevant communications based on where they are at in their customer journey — helping you win more deals.

Relevant Client Success Stories

We have a proven history of helping organizations optimize their CRM systems. But don’t just take it from us, see what some of our clients have to say.

Transportation & Logistics

Rhino Fleet Tracking

Rhino Fleet Tracking is a logistics company that uses Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve to manage vehicle fleets for various customers. MasterSolve helped Rhino migrate their data from Zoho to SugarCRM and built integrations into their system to make day-to-day processes more efficient.

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GN Thermoforming Equipment

GN Thermoforming Equipment is a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic packaging and they use Sugar Sell to manage their business. After working with Mastersolve, GN was given the tools to input all customer feedback and technical inquiries in one place. This standardized processes and removed inefficiencies, saving GN time and money.

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Elliott Matsuura

Elliott Matsuura Canada Inc. is a manufacturing company that uses Sugar Sell and Sage 300 to supply their customers with machine tools for metal cutting and fabrication. MasterSolve tailored Elliott Matsuura’s CRM system to provide them with robust reports on activities and visits and optimize their system to help sales reps save time on data entry.

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Optimize your CRM for the transportation & logistics industry today!