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Optimizing CRM Systems for Organizations In The High-Tech & Security Software Industries

Technology companies have specific needs when it comes to CRM solutions. Our team understands your unique pain points and we are well-positioned to help you select, implement, and optimize your CRM system so you can accomplish the following:

Improve Subscription Management​

Technology companies are increasingly switching to the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model which means you need an efficient way to manage subscriptions and renewals.

Our team will ensure that your sales and customer support teams have a centralized view of all of the product subscriptions including information about each subscription such as duration, renewal date, and price. Your teams will have the information they need to properly upsell, cross-sell, and renew your customers.

Sell More Software​

Whether you are selling to enterprises or individuals, optimizing your CRM system helps you send the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Our team will help establish your marketing and sales funnel so that your leads move through the buying process and receive personalized, relevant communications based on where they are at in their customer journey — helping you shorten your sales cycle and win more deals.

Ensure Privacy Protection

Technology organizations, especially security software publishers, are held to the highest standards for customer privacy and data security. After all, if you can’t keep your own data safe, how can customers trust that you’ll keep their data safe?

Our team will help you set up role-based permissions that determine which employees have access to view, update, or download specific fields, records, and reports. System access can be simplified and further secured through the implementation of single sign-on (SSO) strategies leveraging Okta, Active Directory, or other SAML, and LDAP compatible solutions.

Furthermore, we’ll implement a solution that allows you to easily manage personally identifiable information (PII), including compliance with removal requests.

Accurately Forecast Demand

You need to make important decisions like how much to spend on software R&D and how much you should allocate in your marketing budget for specific products. To make these decisions, you need accurate demand forecasts.

Our team will help you set up predictive tools that use AI and machine learning to make more accurate predictions about future product demand, future revenue, and more so you can effectively make planning and budgeting decisions.

Simplify & Automate Your Processes

You likely have business processes that are unique to your organization and specific to the technology industry.

Our team will support your unique business processes with automated workflows that operate within your CRM system. Your teams will benefit from leads that are scored based on likelihood of success, call notes that log themselves, a self-service portal that empowers your customers, and the ability to electronically send quotes and contract agreements. Every department will benefit from getting time back in their day.

Improve Customer Experience With a 360-degree view

In order to stand out in the highly-competitive technology sector, you must provide an exceptional customer experience. But that isn’t possible when your data lives in siloed areas and doesn’t get shared between departments.

Our experts will ensure that CRM users have one place to view all critical customer information, regardless of the system where the data originated. Your representatives will be able to view the following on a single screen:

  • All historical customer orders and subscriptions and when renewals are due
  • Every interactions a customer has had with your organization–from in-person meetings to chat to phone to email
  • A knowledge-base that includes information on subscription features, refund policies, and so much more
  • Insights driven by AI that recommend “next best action”
  • Contextual data from 3rd party data sources (such as social media, Zoominfo, etc) that enrich the customer record.

Client Success Stories

We have a proven history of helping technology companies optimize their CRM systems. But don’t just take it from us, see what some of our clients have to say.

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SiteLock, LLC

SiteLock is a high-tech security company that uses Sugar Sell and Sugar Market. After working with MasterSolve, SiteLock was able to migrate 300+ users, 7 million accounts & contacts, and 14 million subscribers from their legacy CRM.

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Optimize your CRM for the technology industry.