Elite SugarCRM consultancy partners with Sitelock to build the world’s only enhanced security solution that meets PCI and HIPAA compliance, and it is built for SugarCRM.

WHITBY, ONTARIO — February 11, 2021

MasterSolve Inc, experts in Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management configurations, announced today its partnership with SiteLock, a global leader in business cybersecurity solutions. Through this partnership, MasterSolve will leverage SiteLock’s expertise in website security to secure CRM implementations hosted on AWS as well as deliver PCI Compliance to its customer base.

As one of the fastest-growing SugarCRM Elite Partners in North America, MasterSolve’s consultants ensure Customer Experience solutions are set-up to enhance communication between customers and business partners, but never at the expense of security.

Adrian Boerstra, CEO of MasterSolve, “Some of our clients choose to take advantage of the flexible deployment options provided by SugarCRM by hosting within their own AWS EC2 instances.  For clients with large data storage needs, or regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, this kind of flexibility is a welcome benefit that many CRM systems no longer provide. These clients came to us asking for a security solution that would help them to ensure that they are compliant, and so that they can give their customers the assurance that their data is properly safeguarded.”

PCI DSS compliance is a set of security standards used to protect consumers’ credit card data online. Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) was established to help control where cardholder data is stored, processed, or transmitted. Any individual, merchant or business that stores, processes, or transmits payment card information is required to be PCI compliant, or face severe financial penalties. This includes companies that only take payments over the phone and companies that use a third-party payment processing system, like PayPal.

“As cyber threats continue to make headlines, a top priority of any business should be ensuring the security of their customers’ data,” said Sean Connelly, the Director of Sales at SiteLock. “We understand the security and compliance needs of every business will be different and will require proven technology solutions to help them meet their specific business goals. We’re excited to partner with MasterSolve and provide SugarCRM customers with industry-leading solutions that will deliver the critical level of security needed to enable business success.”

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    SiteLock Bundle Options

    • SecureGold Monthly – $899.99
    • SecureGold Annual – $8999.90
    • SecurePlatinum Monthly – $1299.99
    • SecurePlatinum Annual – $12999.90

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    About SiteLock

    SiteLock is the leader in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for small and medium-sized organizations. Its cloud-based, enterprise-grade technologies and deep expertise give organizations of any size access to the same security capabilities the most prominent companies use to protect their data, ensure secure communications and defend their websites. SiteLock offers practical, affordable and convenient solutions to automatically detect and fix threats, prevent future cyberattacks, enable accessible and safe communications, and meet compliance standards. Founded in 2008, the company protects more than 16 million organizations worldwide. For more information, please visit sitelock.com.

    About MasterSolve

    MasterSolve is a business and technology consultancy with deep customer engagement expertise in Business Process Optimization, Customer Relationship Management, and Marketing Automation interactions. Our customer experience team, business analysts, and business consultants are the backbone of our success.  They have extensive track records implementing and customizing market-leading solutions.

    MasterSolve supports its customers across North America from Canadian offices in Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg & St. Louis, Missouri & Phoenix, Arizona, in The United States.

    Media: Stephen Lavoie (stephen@mastersolve.com)

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