Take Our Kids to Work Day is an annual career exploration event, held every November, where Grade 9, Senior 1, and Secondary III students across Canada spend the day in the life of a working professional.

On November 6th, 2019 we had Stephen’s offspring Thomas come into the office and help out the marketing team for the day.

The day started off with Thomas helping Stephen make a video about CRM Tips & Tricks relating to Streamlining processes. The video turned out great but had a few hiccups as you can see in the hilarious blooper video below

This was the condensed version so you can imagine how much we had to cut!

Solo Video

Once Thomas got the hang of making videos he was able to create a great video on his own about tips for CRM Alignment

Successful Day

Take Our Kids to Work day was definitely a success. The marketing team got a few great pieces of content and we definitely had fun!

If you want to learn more about Take Our Kids to Work Day you can find out on their website

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