What's New At SugarCRM?

Back in April 2019 Sugar released two products; Sugar 9 and SugarBPM! Let’s find out what they are and what they can do for you.

Sugar 9

Sugar 9’s core is a system that allows customers to accelerate their sales from start to finish. Every new capability in the system was made with acceleration in mind. But, it allows customers to collaborate and communicate more effectively, makes faster quotes, gathers more data on their customers, and make decisions quicker. All this with more automation and stellar SOC2 compliance make Sugar 9 a poster child for speedy effective performance.

Here are some of the top features you can expect:

Email Collaboration

Sugar 9 has updated email capabilities. For instance, this includes group outbound emails with configured sending emails, which can be useful for both your sales and customer service departments.

Comments Log

SugarCRM is about collaboration and now with the Sugar 9 update users can have searchable time-stamped conversations within the CRM system.


Sugar 9 is emoji enabled increasing communication capabilities and allowing your users to have some fun.


Meanwhile, SugarCRM has quadrupled the number of re-useable reports available on the platform. These reports can either be used as-is or as a starting point for a customized report. They come with brand new visualizations and can be generated and sent out on a schedule to your entire team.

Customer Analytics

Everyone is on a quest to find out more about their customers and Sugar 9 has increased its capability to do so. Sugar 9 integrated with Pendo to provide a powerful feature that gathers anonymized meta-data about how customers interact with Sugar.


A point of contention for new CRM users has always been the ability to customize their quotes. You may want to add item descriptions or remove shipping information on specific quotes. Previously, this was only possible with special code-based customization but now it comes with the system! In addition to this, quotes have been surfaced in the SugarCRM mobile app allowing your sales team to send their quotes out from wherever they are.

Product Catalog

Sometimes sales are repetitive. A lot of customers are interested in the same few products and you need to quote them multiple times throughout the day. But now, with Sugar 9 you can create a Product Catalog Quickpicks Dashlet where you add your most quoted line items so that you can make your quotes faster and more effectively.


SugarCRM has updated the core stack components to keep you compliant with your corporate security objectives. Sugar now supports:

  • PHP 7.3
  • Windows 2016
  • MS SQL Server 2017
  • Double opt-in emails

SOC2 Type 2

Moreover, this year SugarCRM completed its first SOC2 Type 2 audit receiving validation from a third-party as a testament to the quality of their products.


Sugar 9 includes more automation with a feature called SugarBPM…


Business growth means greater complexity and SugarBPM was created to help you manage that. SugarBPM, formerly known as Sugar Advanced Workflow, allows users to process automation in their SugarCRM systems. Every manual process your teams perform daily can be turned to automation with SugarBPM.

Further, SugarBPM allows you to map out your business processes from start to finish with the easy drag and drop feature that you see below.

You can also trigger new processes based on multi-level relationships or eliminate processes based on your record criteria. You can implement approval-based workflows and workflows that are based on many-to-many relationships.

In addition, SugarBPM also provides a Business Rules module that allows you to create a set of conditions and outcomes to create processes that are targeted and specific. For example, you can separate your opportunities regionally so that anytime one comes up in a specific country it will be automatically queued for that region.

Next the Process Email Template allows you to create emails as a part of your overall business process that can be filled out and sent automatically.

SugarBPM has a Processes module where you can view and manage all of the processes you have running currently.

With the all-new features in Sugar 9 and SugarBPM you can expect a system that is quicker and more effective. We can only work as fast as our systems allow us to, so creating a quicker CRM can only allow your business to accelerate faster and faster.

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