User adoption is at the core of Customer Relationship Management success. When it comes to implementing a new CRM system, the number one cause of setbacks and failures is user adoption. Whether you are a business owner, IT manager, CRM manager, or the like, whoever is in charge of CRM implementation at your company will run into the same problem. How do you get users to adopt?

It’s simple really, the best way to encourage user adoption is to ultimately demonstrate the system’s value in their everyday work lives and processes. How will the new system help each user from each department to do their jobs better, quicker, and more efficiently? How will it make their lives easier?
Here are a few steps to increase User Adoption

Help The Users To Understand The System

The first step in user adoption is educating your users to help them understand the system. Many times, when new technology is implemented in the workplace, users a wary. They are overwhelmed by the scope of it and possibly confused by its perceived complexity. When something new comes in, the unknown aspect of it can be scary.

As a result, users will stick to what they know. It is your job to help the users to understand so that the scope does not feel overwhelming, so that what seems complex becomes quite simple and so that what is new becomes well known. With a little education and understanding, you can quell users’ anxiety and they can start diving into the system.

Demonstrate The Benefits

Beyond understanding how the system works, you must then demonstrate how it can be beneficial. Perhaps you can show your sales team how to use the CRM to identify new prospects. Perhaps you can demonstrate to the customer service team how to pull up customer data and order history with the click of a button.

However, the CRM adds value to your business, demonstrate that to your users. If your users know that CRM will make their lives easier they will be more likely to adopt it. You can do this by implementing training sessions and demos of the system where your employees can learn how to use the system.

Offer Incentives

If you are still having issues getting your employees to adopt your new CRM you may want to offer incentives for adoption. You can offer small prizes for reaching set milestones within the CRM system. This will encourage employees to get in there and really get in tune with the new technology.

Receive Your ROI

In conclusion, it is imperative to get the vast majority of your employees on board with your new CRM system. The more user adoption you get the higher your ROI will be. Therefore, using a CRM can reduce the time employees spend on many of their tasks in half. More time saved equals more time to spend on other more important tasks. It also arms your employees with all of the data that they need right at their fingertips. It will improve their decision making, help them to acquire new leads, and convert existing leads to new customers. CRM is the perfect wingman and getting your users to adopt it properly will greatly increase your returns.

Focus on your user adoption to make the most out of your CRM system today.

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