Why do we recommend SugarCRM?

SugarCRM is easy to use and highly-customizable

Sugar is a 4x winner for satisfaction, reliability, and tech support in PCMag’s Business Choice Awards. Plus, Sugar is regarded as the easiest-to-use platform for users and administrators.

The SugarCRM platform has a highly-customizable infrastructure, providing flexibility for organizations with sophisticated and unique business processes. It offers an industry-leading customer experience, a simple interface, and an intuitive customization platform.

And, Sugar is upfront and transparent about pricing.

Why power your SugarCRM solution with MasterSolve?

We are an Elite SugarCRM Partner

Being an Elite Partner for SugarCRM means that we have met the most advanced certification requirements set by Sugar and have expertise in SugarCRM implementations, customizations, and integrations.

Our team is highly experienced in leading digital transformation projects and we are subject matter experts in sales, marketing, and service automation.


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With our help, your organization can better leverage your SugarCRM products, build extraordinary customer experiences, and improve the ROI of your SugarCRM platform.

What CX solutions can I get with SugarCRM?

SugarCRM Solutions

SugarCRM offers three main solutions that allow your marketing, sales, and service teams to collaborate across the entire customer lifecycle.

Capture the attention of your most promising prospects.

Create more meaningful experiences and relationships with prospects.

Give customers the support they need, quickly and confidently.

These three solutions can be purchased together, combining to provide a robust CX platform. Or, they can be purchased separately to enhance your current business softwares.

Either way, your organization will gain a clearer picture of the customer journey and will have instant access to the exact insights needed to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Sugar Market

With Sugar Market, your team can effortlessly streamline campaign creation, understand engagement, increase conversions, and drive leads.

The Sugar Market marketing automation tool comes with highly intuitive campaign builders, advanced automation, and superior reporting.

Sugar Market will enable your marketing team to:

Increase website visitors

Sugar Market combines SEM, SEO, and social media management tools into one, easy-to-use platform—enabling you to attract more visitors to your site.

Develop powerful campaigns

Create professional-quality landing pages, emails, and forms in just minutes. Sugar Market’s simple drag-and-drop builders and pre-made templates make this task easy, especially for those without coding knowledge.

Nurture and qualify prospects

Effortlessly set up multi-step nurture campaigns, send personalized communications at scale, and develop lead scoring profiles with automatic scoring.

Analyze marketing performance

With a personalized metrics dashboard, Sugar Market makes it easy to measure marketing success. Your team will have the resources necessary to make data-backed decisions, without spending their day in spreadsheets.

Align with your sales team

You work hard to develop qualified leads—don’t let them leak out of your funnel. Sugar Market has native integrations with more CRM platforms than any other marketing automation platform.

Sugar Sell

Sugar Sell—a complete system for sales force automation, collaboration, and reporting—is the #1 rated Sales CRM solution across all major vendors. Plus, it’s the most innovative and affordable sales platform on the market.

The Sugar Sell solution will help your team drive efficiency, reduce sales costs, deliver excellent experiences, and ultimately, increase revenue.

Sugar Sell will enable your sales team to:

Spend less time gathering and analyzing data

Review actionable information from a range of data sources, even when you only know a prospect’s name and email. Plus, quickly get important updates from your key accounts with real-time push notifications and alerts.

Deliver the right messages to the right people

Effortlessly map out each individual customer journey, from beginning to end, to ensure your sales reps deliver the right sales messages, to the right people, at the right time.

Optimize email interactions

Sync calendars, track emails, monitor social media activities, and more with the Sugar Sell solution. Your sales reps can seamlessly manage tasks, opportunities, and cases—in real-time, without leaving their inbox.

Manage renewals efficiently

Sugar Sell makes it easy to manage subscription accounts, review the status of your current quarter’s renewal pipeline, and automatically complete individual renewal opportunities.

Automate complex business processes

Sales reps can automatically submit quotes for review and approval, route leads based on company size or location, generate sales-focused email templates, and much more.

Sugar Serve

Sugar Serve is a time-aware service platform that blends modern omnichannel response management, powerful business process management (BPM), and self-service frameworks.

With Sugar Serve, your team can streamline case management and issue resolution, ultimately providing an exceptional customer experience and driving customer loyalty.

Sugar Serve will enable your service team to:

View the entire customer journey

With a time-aware CX platform, your team will gain insight into each customer’s past, present, and future interactions with your organization—helping them resolve issues quickly and confidently.

Reduce service costs

With robust self-service support tools, Sugar Serve reduces the amount of time service reps need to solve cases. Plus, real-time reports and dashboards help you uncover problems before they even become issues.

Prioritize service requests

The service console analyzes service letter agreements (SLAs), case priority, and case severity to automatically prioritize service inquiries for team members and ensure all customer SLA requirements are met.

Route service requests

With Sugar Serve, inbound customer service requests can be sent directly to the correct person, ensuring requests are handled efficiently and making sure no customer gets left behind.

Analyze support performance

Service reps can quickly understand which category of cases require the most time and attention, uncover common service ticket trends, and be aware of average time-to-respond.
What apps can you integrate with your SugarCRM solutions?

SugarCRM Integrations

The SugarCRM platforms integrate with various applications, including the four highlighted below.


Aavaz is a leading provider of contact center solutions that enable you to effectively communicate with your customers and improve customer touch points.


QuickBooks helps small and medium-sized businesses accept payments, pay bills, and manage payroll functions, all on a cloud-based platform.

Panda Docs

PandaDoc is an all-in-one document automation solution that improves your document workflow and enables you to deliver an outstanding customer experience.


Riva is a CRM email integration that helps you seamlessly sync CRM contacts, log emails and email attachments, and track emails against custom CRM objects.

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