The transition for MasterSolve to shift from an office-based culture to a remote work environment was largely turn-key. In this video, we decided to share 5 ways we were able to make working from home in a pandemic as seamless as possible

Digital Communications

As an example, at MasterSolve we use Whereby & Zoom to chat about work matters and our personal lives, both are free platforms and above all this allows us to stay in touch and not feel so isolated during the workday.

With text-based chat, our platform of choice is Slack which contains call functionalities, chat, and file-sharing features. For our internal phone systems, we use softphones such as Bria 5 which provides VoIP (voice over IP).

Working Remotely in Emergency Situations

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    File Access

    There are many options out on the market to store your files. For instance, we use Google Drive which helps staff share documents between all members of the company. Here at MasterSolve we also have a program called Anydesk which gives employees access to their office computers from the comfort of their homes.

    Payment Systems

    Although conditions may not be best for many businesses there still needs to be a way to handle financial responsibilities. Quickbooks makes it easy for us to invoice clients immediately and ensure that our employees get their paychecks on time. For example, we use PandaDoc or DocuSign to make sure contracts are signed on time.


    Working remotely can provide a unique set of challenges, one being access to the equipment you need to do your job. To do our part MasterSolve provides laptops, webcams, keyboards, mice, and any other equipment necessary to function the same way at home as in the office.

    Digital Platforms

    Marketing Automation systems like Sugar Market, Pardot and Oktopost are used to help our B2C messaging stay on track. We can provide emergency company updates and ongoing nurtured communications in a fraction of the time it would take to send individual emails. Customer Relationship Management software like SugarCRM and Salesforce are used to ensure customer relationships are kept at the top of mind. Customer Service and support platforms are also used to answer customer questions or concerns during ongoing uncertainty.

    Final Thoughts

    Hopefully, learning what MasterSolve is doing internally to deal with this pandemic sparks some ideas for you to try yourself. Don’t hesitate to reach out, MasterSolve as always is available to assist your business during this tough time in any way we can.

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